MultiCar Insurance

Insure two or more cars on a single policy for a MultiCar discount

Add any family car to your policy and you could get a MultiCar deal. More cars means more discounts.

How does multi car insurance work?

Start with one car

Start with one car, tell us about other cars and get a MultiCar discount.

Cars can join later

Other cars can join the policy when they’re ready, even if they’re not a Ford

Get more discounts

The more cars you add, the more MultiCar discounts you receive.

What is multi car insurance?

Multi car insurance offers the same cover as our regular car insurance, but covers multiple cars on a single policy – leaving just one renewal date after 12 months. Each car gets a discount and earns its own No Claims Bonus.

Why you should choose MultiCar Insurance

One renewal date

Each time you bring a car on cover, the renewal date of each car automatically aligns, helping to take the stress out of shopping for multiple policies each year.

No Claims Bonus accelerator

Every car that’s on cover for more than three months gets a full year’s No Claims Bonus – perfect for new drivers wanting to build it up.

No Claims Bonus Promise

If a claim’s made, it only affects the No Claims Bonus of that vehicle or policyholder. All other vehicles and policyholders are unaffected.

One policy for all cars

Only one set of documents to review and keep.

Genuine Ford parts

Repairs feature genuine Ford parts, each carried out at one of our Ford Accident Repair Centres. We believe in quality of service that goes further.

Ford authorised repairs

Hassle-free experience with the peace of mind your Ford will be repaired by experts at one of our authorised Ford Repair Centres.

New Replacement Car

If your car is less than 12 months old and you are the first registered owner we can replace it with one of the same specification if yours is written off

Personal Injury Cover

Up to £5000 worth of personal injury cover for you and your partner

Child Seat and Pushchair

Replacement child seat and/or pushchair after an accident with no maximum value and up to £50 for children's accessories

Personal Belongings

Up to £150 following an incident to help with the replacement of personal belongings

Already a Ford Insure customer?

Bundle other cars, even from different manufacturers, with your existing cover and get a MultiCar discount for each vehicle.

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