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Fees explained

Ford Insure is arranged, administered, and provided by EUI Limited. As well as your insurance with the Authorised Insurers, you've got a separate agreement with EUI Limited who administers the policy. If you are looking for full information on our fees then this is within Your Agreement with EUI, and it can be found here.

Below are the fees we charge to recover some of the costs for cancelling or making a change to your policy. More than one fee may apply.

How much we'll charge you if you cancel your policy within 14 days



A motor policy upgrade


How much we'll charge you if you cancel your policy after 14 days



A motor policy upgrade



If you cancel, you'll pay for the time that you've been insured for. If you've made a claim, then you'll need to pay your full premium for the year. You can find more details in your Policy Book.

How much we'll charge you to remove or change an item from your MultiCar policy


£29.50 per vehicle


You'll also lose your MultiCar discount if you remove any of these items during the policy term. We'll adjust your premium for the remaining items.

Removing an item doesn't cancel the whole policy. We'll also charge £5 if you remove motor policy upgrades that you've purchased.

How much we'll charge you to make a change to your policy information

Standard Fee
Phone / Messenger

Online Fee
In MyAccount




Vehicle Registration



How much we'll charge for other changes or issues

Failure to provide your No Claims Bonus proof within the required time frame


Classic Car Agreed Valuation


Changes made due to policy inaccuracies


How much we'll charge if you pay your monthly Direct Debit late

Rejected or unpaid Direct Debit payment


Voided Policies

If we void your policy because you've been reckless or have deliberately misrepresented information, you won't get a refund.

If it's voided for other reasons, you'll get a refund but must pay £80. If you've claimed, we'll take away the cost of the claims from the refund.